October 13, 2011

Rest Day ;)

I did three miles on the treadmill on Tuesday and met with my trainer yesterday morning. Again, she kicked my butt, but today I dont feel as sore. Last week I could barely walk and this week I dont feel that level of pain. That could be because she balanced the workout more and didnt attack my legs as much, or it could be because I've gotten back on the fitness wagon and have been running regularly. Since I like to feel good about myself, I'll assume I'm not sore because of my routine (not because the workout was different). Most of what we did yesterday was relatively easy, but I had two major challenges. First, as part of the active recovery segments she had me to jumping jacks. I figured it would be really easy, but I was way wrong. I had to do jumping jacks for a minute, a set of chest presses, and the jumping jacks for a minute again. Those were two of the longest minutes of my life. She also had me do "walking planks" (found here as a Walking Dolphin Plank). Those almost killed me.

Either way, I lived to see another day. I honestly would have run today, but an eye doctor apt made me miss the majority of the nap overlap. Both kids are still snoozing and I'm enjoying the sound of the rain until the first little one breaks the silence with the inevitable "MAMA!" cry :)

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