October 4, 2011

Run Cut Short By Constant Interruption

Today has been a bit frazzled. I got nothing done at all. I was going to run during the kids naps, but really wanted to have a few minutes to myself without having to rush and panic. When I run during the naps it can come pretty close, between running, showering, and stuffing my face ... and I end up not getting any time to sit and just enjoy the silence. I had my sitter here today to help out while I got some appointments taken care of, and when I got home she did a craft project with my oldest while I gave the baby a bath. That simple bath turned into a bathroom scrub down when the little guy decided to poop in the tub.

After the tub was cleaned, and the craft project was complete, I decided to leave both kids with the sitter and go for a quick run. I figured I could then enjoy the entire naptime to catch up on some phone calls and other tasks on the eternal to-do list. I got about 1 minute into my run when I hear "Hi Mommy!". An there is Brooke, staring at me while I run. She asked me how long I'd be. I told her it wouldnt be long. She pronounced I would be "nine minutes" and then left.

I figured she'd get into a game or project with the sitter and all would be good. Wrong.

"Mommy, you almost done?" I told her it would be a little while. "Eight minutes?" she asked. Seeing as she cant tell time, I agreed. That should do it I thought.

Minutes later she was back again. Asking me random questions. I tried to blow her off and tell her she should go play. She finally got bored and left.

Back again. Now she wants to know where she got the necklace she was wearing. At this point I'd been running for a while, and I was trying to run fairly fast. I was sweating, out of breath, and tired. I couldnt hear her well over the sound of the treadmill, and I couldnt answer her well while panting. I looked at the treadmill and noticed I'd run about 2.3 miles. I told her I'd be done in just a minute, got to 2.5 and quit.

Its great that kids learn new things every day. And, at three, she really is becoming so grown up. Unfortunately, one of the things she has recently learned is to unlock the baby gate. She seems to be pretty stoked about the fact that she can go in and out of it, and simply comes back and forth to talk to me just because she can. She did the same thing last time I tried to run with the sitter here. I'm hoping the novelty of her newfound freedom wears off, but until then I think I'm gonna have to stick to naptime running.

Distance - 2.5 miles
Time - 25:05
Pace - 10:01

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Jess said...

Well, at least you got the 2.5 done!