August 9, 2011

I Got Mind Tricked By A Three Year Old

I planned on running during the kids nap and since we had some time before nap I figured we'd squeeze in a quick trip to Target. I went to grab my keys and couldn't find them. This is not unusual. But ... I looked in all the suspect spots and still no luck. So, I started to panic. Brooke noticed me acting funny and asked what was wrong.

"Mommy can't find her keys. Have you seen them?"
"I put them in a silly place," she responds.

I asked her several times if she was "telling the truth," something we have been working on and something I think she genuinely understands. She tells me she is indeed "telling the truth." Then I start to freak out. I look everywhere. No luck. By then the window of opportunity had vanished and it was naptime. So, I put the kids to bed and spent naptime searching in strange places. Toybaskets, under the couch, in the drawers. Nothing. So I gave up and waited for my husband to come home.

When he got home I did another search. I looked in the cars and in the strollers in the garage, a search I briefly conducted during naptime. BINGO. I found the keys in the bottom of a stroller.

Needless to say, I believed an (almost) three-year-old and spent almost 2 hours searching toybaskets for my keys. I didn't get a run in. If I'm this easily fooled, I can't wait till the stuff she pulls on me in high school ;)

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