February 17, 2011

Luck Ran Out

My kids have pretty much been sick since October, with very little reprieve. While constantly caring for sick kids is exhausting, taking care of sick kids while you are also sick is so much worse. I've been able to avoid the cooties until now.

I started showing signs last thurs/fri and things over the past week have gone down hill. I have a double earache, sore throat and constant headache. It hurts to talk, which is hard when you read 10+ kids books a day. I can't hear, which doesn't work when you have a very verbally demanding toddler. My head is pounding, and the high pitched screaming and crying can bring me to a tipping point.

I've run twice this week, even while sick. But if this cold doesn't go away I'm not too sure about the next few days. I just want to sleep, not physically and mentally struggle through two measly miles. Though, I admit, just with this two short runs under my belt I'm already feeling a bit more like myself!
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1 comment:

Jess said...

I hear ya! I was sick last week and it has stuck around some this week as well, and it's exhausting. However, I'm lucky in that part of day is spent at work, so I can call in sick, take Norah to daycare and get some rest -- which I did 2 days last week. They were glorious days!