February 4, 2011

Denise Austin Irks Me A Bit

Today I tried something new again, Denise Austin's "Boot Camp: Cardio Strength Intervals". The 20 Min program was what the title suggests, a combo of strength moves (using small hand weights) and cardio.

Best Quote: "Use your rear. Come on! Squeeze it!"

Pros:I'll admit, I broke a sweat ... but that might just be because I havent done much cardio in the past year or so :)

Cons: I've never done a Denise Austin workout before, but found her to be very irritating. She said a lot of annoying stuff and spoke in a strange whisper-voice like there was a baby sleeping in the room that she didnt want to wake.

Yesterday during the kids nap I ... took a nap. But, not by choice, I had to. The little guy refused to sleep all day and I had to lay down with him to sleep. He fell asleep and so did I, so I guess it was a win-win situation!


Kristina said...

She has always bothered me. I used to watch a couple of her morning shows but I had to mute them because she was so irritating.

How are you coping with this weather we've been having? It's almost time to start training for the Shuffle! I haven't done any exercise for almost two weeks because of a neck/shoulder problem but I'm going to try running a couple of miles on the treadmill tonight.

Carly said...

Denise Austin is the Worst!!!! Her workouts are always great but she needs to SHUT UP! I did her maternity workout but I had to mute the TV.

lifestudent said...

I actually have been indoors since the big snow hit, but had to take my daughter to school today ... so we both ventured out ;) It wasnt as bad as I thought, but I saw people out there running in it and thought "they must be crazy". Sure hope it goes away before my training is supposed to start!