January 11, 2011

Ab Workout, 35 lb Weight Added

I've had some nutty days since the last time I attempted these exercises, and this day is actually no different. I realized if I didnt get them in it would be a week (ore more) between my ab workouts, and that wasnt going to get me anywhere. So I attempted to do my workout while Ryan was sleeping in his bouncer and Brooke was watching tv. Unfortunately, the minute I got onto the floor her interest was peaked. This made things a bit more complicated, but I finished! 1. Torso Extensions or “Press Ups” 10 reps

2. Superman – upper & lower body 20 reps

3. Front Plank – from toes 30 seconds, 3x 15 seconds, 3X. The middle rep was done with a 35lb weight sitting on my legs. Not a good time.

4. Bird Dogs – limbs off centered 10 reps – hold each position 10 seconds
Had to do sets of 5. First set of 5 said weight jumped on my back, second set said weight insisted on hitting me in the face with a piece of paper and taking whacks at my arms.

7. Segmental Hip Bridges with heal lifts 10 reps, 2x
No heal lift, but 35lb weight laying on top of me during 1/2 the set.

8. Pelvic Floor Gliding Contractions 120 seconds

9. Torso Rolls with leg extensions 60 seconds
Check. Tried to get Brooke to do these with me. She did a few and got bored. Then she said and stared at me and said "Good job Mama"

10. TransVersus Abdominus I (TVA) 15x each leg, 3x
10x each leg, 3x. Still some popping in the right leg. While I did these my audience said "thats pretty cool".

11. Crunches – feet off of floor 15 reps, 3x
15 reps, 3x, feet ON the floor.

14. Pilates 100 60 seconds
I've opted to dump this move. I dont get it ;)

15. Pushup – Modified 10 reps, 2x
10 repx, 2x, toddler laying underneath me

16. Cats & Dogs 10 reps

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Alanna said...

Good job getting it done! I sympathize about having a small child "exercise" with you. The day Spud decided he'd lay under me while I did planks was the last time I did my workout with him around... I kept yelling that I was going to squish him if he didn't move!