August 30, 2010

Lost & Found

So the 1.5 lbs I lost last week? Turns out, I found them ;) While that puts me at a 4 pound gain over three weeks now (not bad), it still has me gaining at a faster rate than I should. I've got 10 weeks left until my due date and am a little worried about how its all going to turn out. I didn't have a huge problem getting back into shape with Brooke. I joined Mommy & Me exercise classes including a post-natal abs class and stroller fitness type class. I started running again and trained for an 8K not long after she was born. I continued Mommy & Me classes and then did the Winter Warriors this past winter season.

But life is different now. I cant bring two kids to a Mommy & Me class. They are set up for babies and mommies, not toddlers, babies and mommies ;) I'm not sure how I will fit running into a schedule with a bigger family. And most importantly, if I manage to get this proposal done in the next 6 weeks and am not kicked out of school, I have to make substantial progress (to the point of finishing) the DISSERTATION.

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