July 6, 2010

Some Training Changes

Last week I didnt have any training at all. We couldnt coordinate our schedules and I was sick anyway, so no biggie. The week prior I did have an incident with my neck while doing an exercise, but I cant narrow down which one. It was something to do with a push-up-like-exercise as we did a few of them in a row. I have a history of neck and back problems, so this wasnt a huge surprise, but we did decide that we were going to change things up a bit the next time. I have a problem with (or should I say hate for?) push ups anyway. It seems I just cant do them. I cant get the form right and no matter what type of physical shape I am in they just dont seem to work for me. Anyway, I have to say that changing up the push up routine was not going to be a problem for me anyway :)

There were two weeks in between training and another "situation" occurred during that time ... my lower back began to hurt. Again, I've had lower back problems before. I had a lot of lower back issues during long runs and marathon training. But, this is pregnancy related. The thing that really bothers me is that I am not a big pregnant lady yet. I'm 1/2 way through, put on a few lbs (ok, more than a few), and am not showing too much. I am not really at the point in which the inbalance in my stomach from carrying the baby should be creating instablity in my back. But, thats what looks like is happening.

So, again we are modifying a few things for that. I'm not doing push-up exercises but still working on triceps and such with other exercises. We are also focusing even more on my abdominals, which were a focus in the beginning anyway.

Of course, I have yet to do anything about trying to increase my workouts or change my eating habits. I was regularly going to pre-natal yoga at this time during my pregnancy with Brooke and still havent managed to incorporate that into my schedule. I'm getting pretty good at thinking about what I need to do but not very good at actually doing it.

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Jamie said...

I am awesome at the thinking about and not actually doing it!