July 1, 2010

My OB Would Be Proud

At my last appointment, my OB told me I should only gain about 10 more
pounds, about 1/2 a pound a week. With Brooke, I gained about 15 from
this point ... But then again, I had also gained about 5 LESS lbs
within the first 20 weeks.

I decided to go out with a bang and celebrate with a big milkshake.
Now I've likely only got about 9 more I'm allowed to gain.

Anyway, I feel guilty about my poor choices and I'm rethinking bumping
up to two days a week for training. If I don't do something about
getting active I'm gonna have to start fasting in about 10 weeks :)


Sarah said...

I like how you think! I was addicted to milkshakes with my first! I had them all the time...which may possibly explain my 40 pound weight gain. :)

Jess said...

Milkshakes contain loads of valuable calcium. It's practically a vitamin-shake! Healthfood, really.