July 27, 2010


So I mention the other day that I need to do more and that I found the Bar Method class. Then, today I cancel my personal training session :(

I have been having a lot of trouble with Brooke's sleeping lately. It started when we were on vacation and has continued. During both naps and nighttime sleep, she has a hard time falling asleep, is waking up earlier than usual, and wakes up in a panic hollering and screaming for me. This morning she was up at 5:20AM (compared to a "usual" 6:45ish). I didnt get into bed until almost midnight last night and didn't sleep well between 12 and 5, so when Brooke did wake up I was both irritated and exhausted.

She was moody from the minute she got up and yawning by 8AM. Since my trainer comes during her nap I needed to cancel for two reasons 1) I didnt think she was going to make it up until her normal naptime and 2) I was so tired I was going to need a nap instead of a training session :)

So I canceled.

Brooke stayed up until almost her normal naptime, and then took another short nap followed with a panicked wakeup. I couldnt really fall asleep while she was sleeping, and by the time I did fall asleep ... she woke up. It has been a rough day.

I realized that I need to stop scheduling any sort of workout during times I think I might be free because my schedule and my life seem to always take away that freedom. I contacted the other personal trainer I was meeting with a few weeks ago to see what her evening availability is and if she can fit me in I'm going to use both of them on a weekly basis. I also am going to call (tomorrow) and sign up for the Bar Method class so I can put that commitment on my schedule. Tonight I'm going to spend some time Googling prenatal exercise videos and see what I can come up with.

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