March 3, 2010

A Little Breathing Time, Sort Of

Visited with my dissertation adviser yesterday. We started off the meeting with me getting scolded but ended up the meeting on a better note. He told me I "talk a good game" (its true, I should have a Masters Degree in BS) and that he was "kind of excited now". While him being on board is a good thing, he followed up with a list of new tasks and things to do. He also suggested we meet next week, on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. So ... I checked my schedule and I have my sitter on Thursday or Friday. I email him to that effect and he responds "I have no time available next Thursday and Friday".

He has been fairly flexible seeing as I took a whole year off of school and have been slow to get back into the saddle, but I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling from him regarding the whole I-have-a-kid-and-a-tricky-schedule thing. There are other moms in the program - their kids are either in school already or in some sort of full time care. I'm not going to do that. But, I'm not too sure how long this guy is going to put up with me seeing as I may talk a good game but I have yet to produce any real results ;)

So I dont have a bit immediate deadline, though I do have plenty of work to do. I decided to take the rest of yesterday ... and all of today ... as a little school break. I ran errands yesterday and today and got a lot done. I even took a nap today. And, most importantly, I got a run in tonight :)

Running Log
Time:32:38   Distance:3.13mi   Pace:10:26

1 10:15
2 10:24
3 10:14

This was a pretty good run for me (maybe it was because of the nice nap I had this afternoon). I got held up at a couple of lights and still had some good splits. I also noticed something interesting - other runners! I always run by myself at night, but not tonight. I saw about 10 other runners. Its in the mid 30's here and thats pretty much "Spring" in Chicago. I can tell the seasons are changing, not only in weather but also in training. I know spring training programs started and that's part of the reason people are out there. It wont be long till the city is filled with runners. Now that is something to look forward to!


Sarah said...

A nap and a good run are the best! The temps are supposed to break 40 here this weekend...can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Funny how it warms up and people come out of their houses! Hang tough with your adviser. You are so doing the right thing by staying home with your child. You can do both.

Jen said...

Great pace.

YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING... I agree with Lorian. Our kids are only this young once!!

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Jess said...

I can't imagine trying to balance writing a dissertation with raising a small child. My mom completed her PhD a year ago, and she said it took everything from her!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

We all must have our priorities, and kids are only kids once. And kids pick up on everything we do, and give it back to us 10 fold. (As long as they are not the excuse all the time, which doesn't sound like the case with you.)

MCM Mama said...

Good luck balancing it all! Hmm, maybe if you take the kiddo with you to the meeting, he'll decide it's worth it to work with you on your schedule in the future. ;o)

I have no real advice as everything I do is volunteer and I still have trouble balancing it all.