February 28, 2010

Still Swamped, Squeezed In A Run

Despite my promises to myself to get a run (or two, actually) in during the week, I didnt. So I went out today for another four miler. I havent run since last Saturday and this one was actually harder than last weeks (which was the first run after a several week break). Early during mile one my running partner had to stop twice to tinker with her shoe. While she looked for the solution to her problem, I panted in pain as my lungs caught on fire. These two stops were long enough for me to ponder my death, so they were more than a second or two. At the end of mile one we clocked in at 10:31. Between gasps for air I informed her that we needed to slow down a bit, seeing as that 10:31 included to stops and also that I was finding running to be a bit of a struggle.

In the end, I finished my four miles. It was a really hard workout and I had a hard time chatting during the run. While everyone should have a hard workout now-and-then, this one should not have been hard for me. Again, I promise to run during the week. Lets see where that gets me.

Running Log
Time:42:33   Distance:4.02mi   Pace:10:36

Seems like we were right on pace for last weekend, only a second off in pacing and a few seconds off in total time. Despite my struggle this week the run was not much different than last week. That is both good and bad. Its great to see consistency, but its not so great to struggle with the same run two weeks in a row ;)

1 10:31
2 10:33
3 10:42
4 10:38

Back to my dissertation ...


Jess said...

Sorry it was such a tough run, but that's a good pace! Good luck fitting the runs in this week!

Lisa said...

Sorry you had a tough time but kudos to you for getting out there. Hopefully next time will be easier.

Take care!

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Great job at driving forward instead of stopping!