March 17, 2010

I'll Do It Tomorrow

I've been doing my runs on Wed and Sat, though I am well aware I should be running more than twice a week. I thought about running tonight but then realized that I didnt want to :) In addition to that, I have my sitter tomorrow and since my Dissertation Advisor is currently out of town and I'm waiting on approval from my University to conduct some research ... I figured I could squeeze in a run while she was here instead of working the whole time.

I miss running in the daylight and despite the traffic issues from last week, would still prefer to run in the daylight with numerous stops than run in the evening with little-to-no-stops. There is also another little thing that makes me want to run tomorrow afternoon ... the weather!
Duh. Of course I'd rather run when its 65 then when its 40! It's just too exciting to pass up :)


Ashley Perry said...

this is too funny! Yesterday it rained hard but I still ran... only to see that today (my scheduled off day) its clear, sunny and warm! I wish I would have done what you did and check the weather!

kilax said...

I am so excited to run in the warmth today too! :)

Bethany + Ryan said...

Ahhh its short sleeve and shorts running weather here in boston! Will prob be wearing a singlet and shorts for my half this sunday! Think its here to stay?? I dunno but for our sake I sure hope so! Enjoy the 65 degrees!

Jess said...

Hope you enjoyed it today!