March 18, 2010

Could Have Been A COPS Episode...

My run today was that of a fugitive (or a drunk), if Runkeeper was accurate, that is. No, I didnt run through lawns, jump fences, or cut through alleys. I ran straight, at least as straight as I can. Runkeeper confuses me sometimes how it can jump like this. Does a Garmin do this too? I think a lot of the factor with Runkeeper is that (being an iPhone app) it gets a lot of interference from other running programs. A Garmin is devoted to doing its job and that makes me think it doesnt have you cutting through bushes or running on water. Right?

Running Log
Time:31:29   Distance:3.02mi   Pace:10:27

1 10:50
2 10:16
3 10:13

I started off on a different route today so I didnt encounter all of the stoplights I did last time I ran during the day. I didnt feel so great before the run, but thought I would feel better as I got started. I was wrong. I felt like I was dragging, in fact, it felt like I was running in slow motion. I kept waiting for Runkeeper to give me the audio cue at Mile 1 - expecting it to be 11 minutes (maybe slower). The cue never came.

I did hit one light during the run, at a very major intersection. I counted (One-onethousand, Two-onethousand) 25 seconds of waiting. Since I tend to underestimate seconds, I'm guessing it was more like 30. I kept running and running and STILL no audio cue from Runkeeper. Finally I stopped at a corner and checked. I'd gone 1.9 miles and was pacing a lot faster than I thought (especially with the stoplight).

Anyway, my splits were good. And considering I thought I was moving in slow motion I'd say they were excellent ;)


MCM Mama said...

Too funny!

Sarah said...

I think you should try to actually run that route and see what happens...too funny!

Bethany + Ryan said...

Nice splits! That's too funny! I've never even heard of runkeeper before!

kilax said...

The Garmin will get a bit confused from time to time and show funky maps, especially if I am downtown!

I wonder why runkeeper was telling you your mile splits! Great run! :)