March 19, 2010

I Couldnt Resist

The ads are all over and every shoe company makes them ... Those
fitness shoes that claim to get you in shape without actually having
to workout. I had to imagine they were selling well since there are
so many of them, but I haven't seen them in action till today.

The lady in the chair across from me at starbucks stood up and
something caught my eye. I had to snap a pic.

Anyone have a pair? Know someone with them? What do you think of
this new trend?


Carly said...

ha! I have heard people like them but they are ugly as sin.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Bethany + Ryan said...

Haha I thought YOU bought a pair! So funny of u to take that pic. I know NOTHING abt these shoes other than their claim is super misleading to ppl know know nothing abt fitness (ex, ppl thinking that just by wearing the shoes they r doing enough). I want to go and try them on, walk around in the store and try them, ofc not buy them. I think they r silly. Ppl always ask me about them. Well, its no worse than Heelys in my book lol

meanjean said...

They actually had a booth at the Shuffle expo! The people working the booth were wearing them--when i looked over it was two men. I mean, who believes this!?!?!?!