March 20, 2010

Déjà vu

This past few week we hit in the 60's several times. This morning we woke up to a snowstorm. Not one of those tons-of-inches snowstorms, but the "wintery mix" that whips wet snow into your face (since its snowing sideways) and fills the ground with a wet slushy mess. And guess what? Tomorrow morning is the Shamrock Shuffle.

This weather forecast is almost identical to last years, in which my shoes were so destroyed that they never saw pavement again.

In Chicago, we expect the Shamrock Shuffle to be a cold and snowy race. But the past few days built up hope. We had sun! The snow melted! Our tulips started popping out of the ground! And now this? It's like some sort of cruel joke.

Anyway, I have carbo-loaded on several plates filled of Chicken Fried Rice and my stomach is so full if I get up too fast I'll likely puke. Now I'm going to go dig around for all of my winter gear (once again) and head to bed. Tomorrow should be another super adventure.


Sarah said...

Ugh! Can't believe the cold came back just in time for your race! Good luck!!!

misszippy said...

Sorry to hear about the weather! March can be such a tease, especially in Chicago I would guess. Hope the race went well.