February 15, 2010

Unfortunately, I'm Home

Got back from Mexico on Friday. It was a great trip and (of course) too short of one as well. I had intended on trying to get out for a run over the weekend but I didnt get to it. I'm a bit tired from the trip and the change in temperatures has shocked me a bit. I was fine running in the cold before I left but now it seems like a crazy thing to do :)

I've got 5 weeks until the Shamrock Shuffle. Thats not a whole lot of time, but I dont really feel the crunch either. I havent run since the 1/2 in Miami (2 weeks now) but dont think a 5 miler will be too much trouble for me. I think my new goal is to get out there once this week and shoot for 4 this weekend. Depending on how that feels I'll work on my training from there. Ideally, since the race in Miami was so bad for me, I'd like to get at least a 6 miler in before the Shamrock Shuffle so that the 5 miler isnt a stretch for me ... but I'm not going to hold myself to that. I'm just pondering in type.

On a good note - though I had to return to the Chicago Winter, I did return to some fun news. I actually WON something! Tricia over at Endurance Isnt Only Physical let me know I won her Oiselle Running Shirt giveaway. YAY!!!!


Sarah said...

I saw that you won that! I was thinking how great it would be to come back from vacation and see you won a giveaway...congrats!

Natalie D said...

it always stinks coming back from vacation/warm weather to cold. You should be fine for 5 miles! Thanks for your comment - info on Horizon. I have to look into that!

Kristin said...

Welcome back! I did leave a (lengthy) reply to your comment on my blog... :)