January 21, 2010

Yeah, Thats Why I Am Not Running

I have these new shoes and an 8 mile run on Sunday. My goal was to get out tonight so I wore them for a few short miles before a long run. But I decided not to run tonight. It was one of those days that just felt really long ... and I didnt want to extend it by going out for a run at 7:30 and not having dinner until after 8:00. It just wasnt going to happen.

Its been raining most of the day here and now its getting colder. When I told my husband I didnt want to run he said "its probably getting icy out there anyway". Suddenly it sounded like I shouldnt run for my safety instead of due to laziness.

And then in thinking about the fact that I am not running tonight I realized how little time I have until Miami. Not just the race, but my first trip away from Brooke. And then I got a little sick to my stomach :(


Carly said...

You probably made a good decision. If the weather was like it was here, I fake skated my way home on the sidewalks. It was horrible.

MCM Mama said...

You'll do fine in Miami and you and Brooke will both do fine apart. Really.

And I don't run in cold rain either.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Ehh one run this close, you're fine.

Maybe we can meet up at the expo??

Rachael said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! Good luck on your race. Yes, I will be there too, but mostly just for fun. (Just calling 13.1 miles "fun" is kind of twisted, right? I'm just in it for the massage the next day. ;)) Actually, I haven't trained at all, just tagging along to emotionally support a friend, so I'll probably be mostly walking it...unless she peer pressures me into actual RUNNING with her. God help me. (I used to be a faithful, regular runner, but have really slacked off the last couple years, esp. after child #4, there was suddenly no time for it anymore in my life. It's amazing how quickly you can lose endurance too.)