January 20, 2010

I Caved

MCM Mama was right, there were a pair of my shoes on Ebay. The problem was that shipping was about $11 and I would need to pay more to rush them. I'm the idiot that waits until I have a race in two weeks to realize that I need new shoes.

I thought about getting the ones on eBay, but worried about when they would get here. In addition, by the time I added extra shipping and stuff, they didnt end up being the best deal anyway. So yesterday I went to the running store to see if they had any of the old Mizuno Nirvanas in stock - the largest they had was a 10.5. They didnt even have an 11 in the NEW version. Oh no. So I freaked.

They called the other store and luckily they had a new version in size super-big-foot and I had them hold them. I went in today to pick them up. I had a store credit (due to a loyalty program) and some gift cards from Christmas. While I was planning on buying some other stuff with those cards, I put them towards the shoes. In the end I walked out paying under $30 for them.

Now I have a long run on Saturday and likely a short run tomorrow night. Maybe two runs during the week next week and the 1/2 Marathon right after that. So I'll be able to put about 15 miles on these new shoes before I have to run 13.1. I hope its enough, and I hope they didnt do anything to the new version that makes my whole experience a total disaster ;)


Bethany + Ryan said...

if it makes you feel any better, i'm the queen of getting new shoes..oh like 3 days before a marathon. i always realize last minute that i want newer shoes. i've bought shoes on a saturday for a monday marathon and it was fine. i've even run a half marathon in brand new shoes. i know i know, stupid but i never had any problems. i tried to walk around in them for a bit before the race. i jsut get paranoid, ya know? like one time my shoe was making a weird noise so i had to get a new pair before the race the next day. you will be fine! good luck! fresh shoes are hte best!!

Jamie said...

I do everything last minute! You should be good to go with the new shoes.

Jess said...

The new shoes will be fine come 13.1 day, don't worry.

Email me at tygress422@yahoo.com if you want to arrange to meet up before or after the race, or if you'd like to meet up at the expo. I'd love to meet you!