January 6, 2010

"This storm has it all"

This storm has it all ... Seriously? An exerpt from my local "weather blog".
Before it's over and quiet weather returns, Chicagoans will have sampled the full range of the atmosphere's winter weather arsenal: storm duration (it's to be a 3-day event: Thursday-Friday snow, Saturday cold), significant snow totals, additional lake-effect snow, blowing and drifting, poor visibility, treacherous highway conditions, low temperatures, biting winds and subzero wind-chill readings. We've experienced far worse, of course, but that's little consolation to those who will be contending with the weather in upcoming days.
I give up. How am I supposed to run in this???


Jess said...

Oh joy! Sounds awful.

Tricia said...

Pay the daily fee at a gym, and watch the weather out the window from the dreaded treadmill. I'm in WI and gave up running outside weeks ago . . . I'm impressed with your battles against the weather every time you run!

Sarah said...

Yikes!!! I think you may need to skip a day or two...that sounds awful!!!!

Jamie said...

you're not supposed to :( chicago weather is sabotaging all runners this winter!