January 2, 2010

Cancelled 10 Miler

We have some cold weather in Chicago. I checked the Winter Warrior website last night and it said that runs would be cancelled should the temps "feel like" -20. Predicted temp was -13. I layed out all of my stuff last night and did the usual restless night before a long run sleep.

This morning when I got up the temperature was a "feels like" -8. Still really cold, but even warmer than I thought I would be. So I showered, got dressed, let the dog out, and was about to eat breakfast when I figured I would call the weather hotline just in case.

Our 10 miler was cancelled due to wind chills. (Looking online right now, accuweather claims it "feels like) -19 ... who knows?) Anyway, it is really cold and running would likely have been pretty sucky. But here I was on a Saturday morning, showered and in my running gear. So I put some comfy pants and a swearshirt on and here I am a few hours later still waiting on my coffee.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a tiny bit warmer, so a couple of us are planning on doing 8-10 in the afternoon. That makes my plan to have an unhealthy dinner tonight (to celebrate my intended 10 miler) a little bit questionable.

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