December 15, 2009

I'll Be Honest, I'm Not Waking Up At 5

Its 10:00 and I'm getting ready to wind down and head to bed. Had a hectic day that was entirely toddler-focused and rewarded myself with a yummy Chinese take-out dinner. Now I am watching NBC's The Sing-Off, which I personally feel is rather dull. Anyway, I digress.

Its a bit after 10 and I am still not in bed. I'm already tired from my rough day of playdates and music class :) I could set the alarm for 5AM tomorrow to try to get my run in, but I can already tell you I am going to turn it off. Instead, I wont lie to myself or to you. I'm not going to run tomorrow morning.

Hopefully I can find a way to squeeze in a run tomorrow evening, and if I cant, I promise to do my best to get into bed early tomorrow night and get my run in Thursday morning ;)


Jess said...

I can understand this! Both Monday and Tuesday, I chose sleep over running. I have been exhausted.

But this morning, I'm up and on it. As soon as I finish this coffee :)

TX Runner Mom said...

I found your blog while looking for other runner mom blogs! Hey, sometimes the body just needs a rest - sleep away!

lifestudent said...

Man Jess, you are seriously my hero. And I'm sure Norah doesnt sleep 12 hours like Brooke a night, so you gotta be operating on much less sleep than I am. Guess I should suck it up :(