December 17, 2009

I Blame McDonalds For My Suffering

I did plan on getting up at 5 this morning, but I have been so tired lately. I keep thinking I'm getting sick, but I have been "getting sick" for almost a week now ... so I dont think that is it. I just am going through some sort of winter blahs or Holiday stress ;)

Since I didnt get out this morning I knew I had to go out tonight. After a long day of shopping and errand running I finally got out at 7:15pm. I planned on doing three miles and head out on the same course I ran the other night. I hit a busy intersection where the light had just turned red and decided to go with the flow and change my route. In my head I mapped out my route from previous runs and figured it was about three miles.

First few miles went pretty good, but I was definitely tired. I'm sure it was a combination of the busy day, poor diet, and the fact that it had been 7 hours since my last meal (not including snacking!). I figured I was going at a slower pace, and didnt find that to be a big deal. But things started to get worse, I started dragging, and all I could think about was this...
I had a sitter today and tried to squeeze all of my Christmas shopping into a few hours. I also needed to eat during that time and a drive-thru was my only option. Since I had to eat while I drove, I also needed something easy to manage. So McDonalds double-cheesburger was calling my name. And, unfortunately, it was still sitting in the pit of my stomach around mile 2.5 :( At the end I was cramping up so bad I was almost walking. I must have looked like I'd been hit by a car and still tried to finish my run.

Oh well, I did it. I did the minimum mileage I could pretty much do this weekend, but it was more than zero, and should leave me okay for this weekends 9-miler ;)

Running Log
Time:33:52   Distance:3.42mi   Pace:9:54

I ran again with the Sofsole insert and noticed it much less this time. Again, I felt like my right foot was falling out of the shoe a little bit. I also didnt feel like I was running in new shoes, unlike my first experience with them. But, I was running on tired legs and dont think that an insert was going to fix that. Im gonna try a few runs next week with and without the insert to see how I can feel the difference (and what that difference is).

Although I think I should have run a little slower throughout the run I am having a really hard time pacing myself now that I am running a bit faster than I used to. I still dont know why I am running faster and am not too sure how to best figure out how to pace myself. The good thing is, I ran miles two and three at the same pace. That was surprising since I was pretty much keeling over towards the end of mile three. Mile four pacing was 10:05, which would have probably been a lot slower had I actually been able to push myself through the fourth mile. And to be honest, I wouldnt have. I was limping and hobbling when I came to a stop and think I'm lucky that cheeseburger stayed in my stomach and didnt end up on the sidewalk :)


Lisa said...

I've had a few runs where I didn't eat enough prior and I regretted them because I just didn't have the energy. Funny you had a craving for McDonalds because I am craving Wendys french fries. Yum. Best Fries Ever.

Glad you were able to finish without losing it.

Bethany + Ryan said...

I bet that burger tasted delish tho! I remeber the last time I ate mcdonalds! Back in 2007 the day before I ran the marine corps marathon, lol.

lifestudent said...

Oh man Bethany + Ryan, now you made me feel guilty on top of feeling sluggish and sick to my stomach ;)