December 18, 2009

Darn You Endorphins!

Even though I only ran 3.5 miles last night and was home by 8, it was a little past midnight when I finally fell asleep. Of course, my little one decided to wake up a bit early this morning just to give me the extra kick in the pants.

Sometimes I feel like I cant win :) I have a hard time getting up at 5, often dont get enough sleep the night before. While I like the feeling I get being done by 6, I'm often ready for a nap by 1 or 2 on those days. When I do an evening run I often am not properly fueled, am tired from the day, and then have a problem winding down after a late run. I dont really have a lesser-of-two-evils, so instead go by my schedule and life happenings to decide which way I'll go.

I've made it through most of today a bit short of sleep and am now thinking about the 9-miler tomorrow am. I'm not too concerned about the distance, since my friend Gina already tricked me into doing 9 the other weekend. I am concerned as to the weather. It should be warm, but we are expecting snow tonight through tomorrow morning. I have the Yaktrax, but do I try them out the first time on a distance run? Is that a dumb idea to put them on and try to do nine miles? This is what I have been pondering all night. And what happens if I wear them, but the snow melts during the run, or there isnt snow in some spots? Hmmm.

I'm gonna practice putting them on my shoes tonight (I have heard they are a bit tricky) and then play it by ear tomorrow morning ... hopefully Mother Nature will give me a good sign!


kilax said...

I wish there was some advice I could give you on your schedule, but there isn't. You are right - it is what it is. Just keep hanging in there! I have been getting up at 4:00 to workout and am dragging all day. I don't have as strict of a schedule as you, but I know how awful it is to feel exhausted.

I've read it's okay to run in dry pavement on yaktrax. Maybe you could put them on and take them off if you don't like them?

Bethany + Ryan said...

I asked the girl at the store about running with yaktrax and running on non snowy surfaces and she said it would be fine. But, I imagine itd be a bit noisey! You could take them off and carry them if u had to, right? Can u do us bloggers a big favor?? Would u mind writing a little review on them on ur blog if u do decide to use them? I almost bought a pair for ryan but decided not to. I'm just not sure about them. Good luck with the 9 miler!