November 28, 2009

Thank You Mongolian Chicken & Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwich!

This morning we were pretty late getting to the group run. So late, in fact, that our group had already left. It was 100% my fault, I spent some extra time cuddling with Brooke this morning (who we now know has bronchiolitis) and ended up losing track of time.

So when we got there we tried to figure out what we should do. We didnt know how long they had been gone, so decided to try to catch up with them ...

And we did ... 3 miles into it after some pretty fast miles. And after we caught them I was feeling so good that I followed them for a little bit but actually ended up passing them and heading out on my own. In fact, it seems as if I was a little too fast for all of my usual running buddies today, none of whom could keep up with me ;)

I am not too sure what made for my energy today. My morning routine was pretty normal, but I did have Chinese food in addition to a Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. So that must be it. Guess I have a new Friday night pre-run routine!

Running Log
Time:1:02:22   Distance:5.96mi   Pace:10:28

First mile was really fast but when we noticed there wasnt any body from our running group in sight we slowed down a bit. Then we kept running at a faster than usual pace and I got some requests to slow it down a bit more ;) Caught up with the pace group and slowed it down even more in mile 4-5 and then finished on my own. I finished feeling good and it was definitely one or my more successful long runs so far! Splits:
1 9:19
2 10:35
3 10:09
4 11:00
5 10:44
6 11:06


Lisa said...

Ha ha, your prerun routine is kinda like my baby carrot pre run snack. Hey if it works then stick with it. Hope Brooke is better soon.

kilax said...

Poor Brooke! Did the say how long they thought it would last?

Sounds like YOU should be the pacer! :)

our love on the run said...

That's a GREAT time! Nice job! Sounds like that should be ur friday night dinner next week too!! I hope Brook is feeling better :-/

lifestudent said...

The doctor said to give her the inhaler for 5-6 days :(((

And as for the pacer problem. I can run faster than 11:30 (or even 11:00) but have a problem with consistency. Thats why a pacer is advantageous. Unless that pacer cannot keep pace herself.


Jess said...

OMG, that ice cream sandwich looks delicious!