November 30, 2009

It's Only Monday And I'm Already Tinkering

My training schedule has me increasing Mondays run to 45 minutes, from 40. Arrrh. So I figured I had to move even faster in the AM to get out the door and back in time for my husband to leave. Set the alarm for 5 AM last night and hopped in bed a bit after 10.

For some reason I kept waking up at 5 'till the hour.




And at that point I had enough and turned off my alarm.

It was supposed to be cold this morning and hopping into bed last night I was already dreading the run. I had such a great run on Saturday, I really do not like running alone (especially in the dark), and to top it off it would be the coldest run of the season. I think I was nervous (or simply full of dread) and just couldnt turn by body off to get some sleep.

Now I have to see if I can get a run in tonight, which might not be possible due to scheduling. If not, I have to run tomorrow morning. That means I have to tinker some more and likely do a Tu/We/Fri weekday schedule. The current forecast is saying it will be 35 (with a "feels like" 28) tomorrow at 5AM. So I'll be running by myself. In the dark. In freezing temperatures.

On another note. Because I felt guilty about sleeping in this morning and in addition no longer have a toning/strengthening class (it ended the week before Thanksgiving) I did buy myself some resistance bands today at Target. That is something at least I can do while Brooke is around. And I'll get started on that ... maybe later this week ;)


Sarah said...

It is supposed to get cold here too and I am not looking forward to it! Sunday it was sunny and in the 50s. This weekend...a high of 35! Yikes! I have found that I can also do thera-ball stuff with the kids around, as long as I can keep them off of the ball. :)

Jess said...

I don't envy you running in that cold, but hope it went well today!