November 27, 2009

Training Schedule Modification

My Winter Warrior schedule has me running 4 days a week. 3 shorter runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a long run on Saturday. For some reason they figured with the local Turkey Trot being on a Thursday, that we should ADD that run into our schedule and run 5 days this week. From what I know, most people run less during the holidays, not more ;)

I ran on Monday and then just couldnt find the time or energy to run on Wed. In the back of my head I knew I might be doing the Turkey Trot on Thursday (which at 5 miles, is more than a normal mid-week run) and figured it was ok not to run. Then, with a 5 miler on Thursday I didnt want to run on Friday and Saturday (we have a cut-back 6 miler this weekend).

Instead, I ate the strawberry pretzel salad my hubby acquired for me last night, had a few glasses of wine and watched some pre-recorded episodes of Law & Order. Not such a bad deal after all.

Today I'm still dealing with a sick baby who is coughing like a lifelong smoker. Its pretty cold here today, one of the first real cold days of the season. With the combination of the cold, her being sick, and the crazies out there shopping, today is definitely a stuck-in-the-house kind of day.

Tomorrow I have a scheduled 6 mile group long run. Although today is pretty cold, tomorrow's high is supposed to be in the low 50's ... and sunny! Looks like I still have another few days till I need to break out that cold-weather gear ;)


kilax said...

Sorry to hear Brooke still isn't feeling well! :(

Brr, it IS cold today! I hadn't checked the temps yet but am happy to hear it should be warmer tomorrow!

I used to love running 5 days a week but I don't think my body did. I am sticking to 3 for now! According to Runner's World, that is how many days every runner must run a week. Hmm.

Trainerpack said...

Sounds tough! Bundle up for the runs!

Kristin said...

Belated happy Thanksgiving! Strawberry pretzel salad sounds intriguing (kind of like a dessert disguised as a salad? :) that a picture?

lifestudent said...

I have no clue why they call it a "salad"! There isnt anything salad-y about it. Main ingredients are cream cheese, pretzels, jello, and strawberries ;)