October 16, 2009

Class 1 - Pooptastic

Class this morning began at 8, which was a small problem considering
Brooke has recently decided to sleep in every morning. Luckily, the
(stupid) dog woke her up around 7:25 when she had to bark at another
dig she spied peeing in HER tree. I thought it was all gonna work
out ... But Brooke had other plans.

She must have known we had somewhere to be, because my little food
inhaler decided to be a picky eater and take her time. We finally
rushed out the door, and as I was parking I heard some grunting and
groaning from the back. So we grabbed all of our stuff, walked into
class late, and head right to the restroom to change her diaper.
Brooke had a total fit while I was changing her, which she always does
when I try to change her in a public restroom (hey, I hate going in
them too ... Who doesn't?). All that for the tiniest poop ever, and
then into class.

Brooke did great crawling all over and even played with some bigger
boys in the train set. About 1/2 way through she crawled over to me
to say hello and I could SMELL her approaching. Back to the restroom
for another diaper change, and another fit. We then came back to
class for some ab work, at which point Brooke got kicked in the head
by one of the other mommies.

Despite the fact this sounds like a horrible outing, it actually
turned out pretty good. Brooke got to play (and poop) and I got to
workout. It's pretty obvious I haven't done strength training /
conditioning in a while, because everything was so HARD. In fact,
class ended an hour ago and I'm already sore.

Glad we signed up, and I can't wait until next weeks adventure ;)

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Sarah said...

That is awesome that you can take her to class...even if you had to take some breaks. :)