July 25, 2009

If A Tree Falls In A Forest...

We were heading home from Brooke's swim lesson this morning when we saw this. A massive, 50-something foot tree that met it's maker. This picture doesn't even do it justice!

I walked up closer to check out the damage. The point at which the tree snapped, was a few feet over my head ... I'd say maybe 10 feet?

Here is a pic down the length of the tree, while I am standing at the base.

I am pretty sure that when this tree fell, it made a sound! And you can probably tell exactly what time it fell ... but looking at the log of calls placed to 911 by the local residents :)


Jess said...

Why did it fall? Was there a storm of some sort?

lifestudent said...

We cant figure out if there was a storm or not! There were a couple of leaves and amsll branches around, but we didnt hear a storm the night before. Certainly nothing that should have taken out a hundred-plus-year-old tree ;)