July 8, 2009

I Ran Faster. Now I Am Tired.

It was a long day today. Not for any specific reason, just felt long. It has been gloomy and drizzly which makes me feel like I should take a nap. Instead of napping I have been busy running around all day (mentally, physically, and literally!) and am tuckered out now at 9PM.

I actually needed a run today. I couldnt wake up and felt a run might energize me. In fact, it did. But, it was like eating a candy bar. I had a high soon followed by a low. After this post I'm calling it quits and heading to bed.

Training Log
Time:30:23   Distance:2.81 mi   Pace:10:49

I pushed myself more on this run. It was hard for me and I still was not fast by any means, but could feel the strain in this run versus my other runs. In fact, my thigh still feels that "strain" and I think I'm gonna have to work out a kink or two!

I hit every light in the first mile and still paced at 11:29. I'm sure at least 30 seconds was spent waiting for traffic. Note to self: rush hour + Cubs game = running obstacles. My second mile was my fastest at 10:19. Now that was a bit more like my old self, but I couldnt hold that pace. I slowed it down for my last mile and probably would have been walking if I needed to run past that three-mile-marker!

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Jess said...

Nice job on pushing the pace!