July 5, 2009

4 Miler & 4 Star Breakfast

Got up nice and early and did 4 miles with a friend of mine. It was great to run with someone and made the time fly by. In addition, running with someone can help take your mind off the course/route and instead just focus on the journey. Our trip was a bit longer than expected due to an unforseen (but well worth it) potty-break.

After my early run I went out to breakfast with my in-laws at a local place called Kitsch'n. There is nothing like pigging out after a run. Food always goes down so good :)

Training Log
Time:48:04   Distance:3.96 mi   Pace:12:09
I had a few issues with RunKeeper due to the bathroom break. When we stopped I hit "pause" and when we came out I hit "resume", but then I looked and it said something about saving my run. HUH? So I canceled out of that and assumed that I had somehow hit something to end the run versus resume the run, but there wasnt a resume option. So I hit stop and resume again.

Essentially, I got very confused with the software once again :( I have had some problems with stopping and starting in the past, and actually don't think its RunKeeper's fault - I believe its my own lack of understanding of what it going on. I think I need to fool around with it a bit more to make sure I stop screwing it up during my runs!


Jess said...

Nice job on the 4 miler! Running with a friend is always a great way to make the time fly.

meanjean said...

thats awesome! Im so jealous --I was planning on running this morning and the electrician showed up and kicked me out of the house. I could have gone running, but then i couldnt have come back and showered or anything...so, yeah... maybe tonight!