July 12, 2009

A 5 Miler With RunKeeper Pro

I have been using the free version of RunKeeper and decided to pay up and get the "full" version. Essentially, there are two differences. 1) Pro has training/interval workouts you can do and 2) Pro had audio cues. I wanted the audio cues and finally convinced my cheap self to pay up for them. It was worth it!

I generally map out a route to run, and know how far that route is before I head out. Today I just ran while my iPhone app told me what to do! It announced at each mile my distance, total time and current pace. I ran out 2.5 miles and then back, and it was great. YAY!

Training Log
Time:58:10   Distance:5.00 mi   Pace:11:38

This morning I convinced a friend of mine to run with me. She is generally much faster than me, but just had a baby and has not been running much. PERFECT! I have a hard time finding people out there who are willing to run the distances I want to run at the (slow) speeds I want to run and figure that I am going to have to start finding running partners who aren't actually runners in order to meet my match.

We did 5 miles and actually ran at quite a bit faster pace than I have been. Mile 1: 11:15, Mile 2: 11:14, Mile 3: 11:42, Mile 4: 12:06 and Mile 5: 11:44. My running partner seemed to think it was a bad thing that she started to tucker out after 3 or so miles and kept encouraging me to ditch her and "run faster". I dont think she understood when I explained to her that I was already running faster.

Personally, I had a great run. I hope she did too ... and that she will be willing to give it a whirl again sometime ;)


meanjean said...

Thats awesome. I wish i had an iphone for fun things like that. I hit the treadmill two days this weekend because i couldn't get out early or late enough for it to be cool. I did 2.5 each day -- thats a start! hopefully i can hit up the treadmill or Cincinnati streets on my work trip!

aron said...

YAY so glad you had a great run!!! Its always awesome to have people to run with :)