June 17, 2009

Next Race?

Ive been tossing around the idea of doing a 1/2 Marathon later this year, but need a race or two over the summer to motivate me to move forward and keep running. I may have found one.

The Fleet Feet Sports Women's 5K and 10K takes place on July 19th. I sort of did this race last year. (I walked it since I was about 6.5 months pregnant) So this year if I do it, I actually have to run ... now I'm just trying to convince myself to bite the bullet and sign up for the darn thing.


Jess said...

Would you do the 5K or the 10K?

lifestudent said...

Thats the issue :( I could do the 5K without training really ... but since I havent run since March I'd need to train for the 10K. And I'm not sure I could get enough training in between now and the race...

Oh, the dilemma ;)