July 22, 2008

"Race" Report

Despite some threatening-looking weather, Sunday's event turned out quite well! It poured just hours before the race, and looked like it was about to pour during the race - but Mother Nature was kind enough to give us all a break.

Lucky for me, Cara was not in the mood for running after her 12-miler the day before. That means I had a walking buddy for my 5K! It actually turned out to be a nice walk, and while we didnt exactly push ourselves for time we did move at a decent pace. Enough so that it was some exercise for me, but I dont think that Cara was able to count it as one of her weekly workouts :)

Beca and her two friends that actually ran (both named Jen) had great races. They were happy with their times and finished feeling good. So as a result, it was a pretty positive experience for all. To celbrate our big even we went out after and had breakfast, which made everyone even happier.

I didnt wear a chip because I didnt want to log a race-time that was so far off of what I would generally do for a 5K, I believe it took us somewhere around 54 minutes. So while I got the race shirt and the race goodies, there is no record of me actually being there. I was like a ninja.

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