June 5, 2009

Lakefront Path

The jogger had a smooth ride on the lakefront path ... When were
leisurely walking. Someday we will work our way up to actually
running with it :)


Sarah said...

What kind of stroller is that one? I like the basket in the back. :)

I have a double BOB and love it. My 6-year-old can still fit in it. :)

Jess said...

Eventually, I'd like to get a jogger, but we'll wait until Norah is actually born and then big enough for one.

Croughwell said...

I also have a double bob and I love it too!!!! I go to Stroller Strides and we get a lot of running in.

lifestudent said...

We have the BabyJogger Summit 360 ... took a lot of research but we have been really thrilled with it so far ;) But I still havent dont any running with it!