June 1, 2009

Dissertation or Twilight Series?

I initially avoided all of the Twilight hype (a book series by Stephenie Meyer, in the event you just got to this planet). I had no intentions on seeing the 1st movie, but my husband actually was the one to rent it. We both liked it, and now previews for the next one have hit:
I love movies and can take 2 hours here and there out of my life to follow this series, but I really want to read the books. Problem is that I need to start on my dissertation. I have been doing a bit of reading (by a bit, I mean about 1 hour total in the past 2 weeks) but need to accelerate the pace and really get into it over the next few months. I have deadlines already set (end of this month, October and January) and in order to meet those deadlines there isnt a whole lot of time for fooling around.

Its an odd coincidence that this trailer hit today, because I have "dissertation time" on my calendar today. Brooke is going to hang out with her sitter while I sit in a coffee shop and try to hit the books. Then I see this movie trailer and it reminds me again that I would rather be reading the Twilight book than the lastest issue of the Journal of Product Innovation Management.

So I have a choice. Do I do my dissertation or drop out of school and read the Twilight Series? Honestly, I'm having a tough time deciding ... Are these books worth it? I think some book lovers might say yes ;)


Kristin said...

I would suggest you not go near Twilight until you do the work you need to, because once you start, you will not be able to put it down till you're done...then you'll want to get the next one! Perhaps you could save it for a reward, like a sweet treat, hmmm? :)

Jess said...

It will only take a week to read the entire Twilight series. Trust me. I read the first 3 in about 4 days. Then had to wait nearly two more years for the 4th book to come out.

It's such easy reading (and once you get drawn in, it's like crack) that it really won't take away much time from your dissertation.

meanjean said...

You know that I wouldnt really be into this sort of thing, but i fell hard for Twilight. they are a little bulky to travel with, but it might be best to wait until your next mini vacation and just start reading them then. I accidentally read them during my thesis semester and neglected my work a little!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could use one of those sites like that have info and help on processing data for dissertations, then you could have more time to read books! statisticssolutions.com etc....just a thought

aron said...

haha the books are SO addicting! so if you plan on reading one you will need to read them ALL :) but they dont take that long to read... maybe you should just get it over with :)