May 5, 2009

Giants 6, Cubs 2

The Cubs didn't win, but I got to sit in some great seats with a great friend. Not such a bad deal. Even better? I ate lunch before the game and didnt have the desire to load up on ball-park-garbage. YAY!

I was talking to my friend about how I am listing the sweets I consume. She eats the same chocolate-covered raisins I do, from Costco. These yummy candies come in a massive jar (bulk, like all Cotsco) and are quite easy to eat way too much of. So she asked me:

You mean you list how many handfulls of chocolate-covered raisins you eat?

I explained that I have only been listing the items, not the quantities. As far as you all know, when I say "cupcake" it means I ate one cupcake ... not a dozen of them :) Now is it cheating that I'm not listing quantity? This morning I only ate a few of the raisins, but the other day when I said I had a Grape Fanta it was a big fountain one. Now I'm wondering how specific I should really be.

Today was good and bad for my eating. I ate the usual sweets, plus a few more. But I avoided some possible bad eating by filling up before the game instead of during the game. I also am glad I only agreed to confess my sweet eats for the month of May because I heard a new ice-cream shop is opening just around the corner from my house. Double YAY!

In addition to eating sweets and watching the Cubs lose, I did actually squeeze in some exercise. The second day of my new class has left me sore already. I know being sore the day after a workout is normal, and generally a good sign ... but I'm a bit worried about how I'll feel tomorrow when I'm already sore only a few hours after my workout.

Sweet Thing Confession
Chocolate Covered Raisins
Toffee Nut Latte


Sarah said...

You are really brave to list all of your sweets...I have a terrible sweet tooth!

Jess said...

Glad you had fun at the baseball game!