May 6, 2009

Body And Mind Of An Old Woman

This week has been exhausting (um, and its only Wed afternoon). I feel like I have my days scheduled down to the very minute, and to top it off Brooke has has some sleep issues (which means I have some sleep issues). I've done two out of three days of my first week in "Biceps, Babies & Buggies" and I'm in a world of pain. My legs hurt all the way down to my ankles! I just need one day to sit and relax, but with a 7-month old baby I dont see that anytime soon. In fact, rumor is I wont get that for 18-22 years :)

This morning when I woke up I couldnt even go down the stairs. Everything was tired and aching. Is this what old age is like? (If so, I'm not interested) I decided to combat it head on, and Brooke and I headed out for a nice early walk. By 8:15 AM we had gone to Starbucks, Walgreens, Dominicks and a local kids store that was having an early morning sale. Brooke got some bananas and avocados, a new book and a new outfit. I got a latte and some pics of Brooke (from Walgreens) out of the deal. In addition we got to share a nice morning together and I was able to loosen up some of these aching muscles.

In addition to my old lady body, my mind is not quite as sharp as it once was. I'm slower to react, have problems focusing, and easily get overwhelmed by silly stuff. I also get all of my errands done by 8AM and am in bed by 9PM. I'm just wild and crazy like that.

Sweet Thing Confessions
Chocolate covered rasins
Toffee nut latte
Iced mocha
Chocolate chunk cookies

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Jess said...

A walk is always good for loosening things up, and lattes are just plain good. And I hear the forgetful thing comes with being a new mom. Something about sleep deprivation...