May 2, 2009

Blogging About Nothing

The issue with blogging every day is that sometimes you dont have a whole lot to talk about. I could talk about Brooke (who does pretty cool stuff every day) but reserve that for my other blog so people who dont want to hear it dont have to :) Instead I am forced to talk about myself, and today there just isnt a whole lot going on...

The day was sporadically nice. The sun would come out and it would feel a bit warm, but then it would go away and feel cold. We went on a couple of long walks (including 2 trips to Starbucks) to enjoy what we could of the day. Brooke is anxiously awaiting the warm weather so she doesnt have to be so bundled in her stroller and can enjoy the ride.

I did eat a few healthy things today - and I actually denied myself a few "bad things" that I normally would have had. But I dont think I should be changing my own rules and start talking about the good things I ate, or the temptations I passed on ... so I'm just going to talk about the junk I ate that really shouldnt have ;)

--------------------------------------- Sweet Thing Confession

Toffee Nut Latte
Gum Drops (only a few left so I'll have to stop soon)
Barq's Root Beer
Chocolate Covered Raisins

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Jess said...

Yeah, some days there just isn't much to say; however, I have about 1,333 posts and that seems to suggest that I have a lot to say. Mostly about nothing.