April 20, 2009

Vacation Day 1

I had my last ab class today ... And left for the airport straight
from there. It's been a long day (with a flight delay) and we're
pooped. Brooke did great on the flight (for the most part) and with
the daylight & excitement we got her to stay up until almost 8 local
time ... That's 3 hours past her bedtime!!

That still puts us in for the night quite early, but after the pigging
out we did thanks to a local Hawaiian BBQ joint we're in food comas

Hopefully Brooke is on local time already due to her late night and
tomorrow we can do some relaxing :)


Rookie on the Run said...

I'm officially jealous. Have an amazing time!!

meanjean said...

Thats great! Im glad to hear it went so well (although your sister prefers a phone call to reading it on your blog. :) )

Have fun and take lots of pictures!

Sarah said...

Traveling with little ones is always a challenge...for me anyways. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time!