April 1, 2009

Shuffle Pic & Backache

Since the Shamrock Shuffle my back has been aching. The issue is, I'm not sure if its from running the Shuffle (felt fine after), my abs class (took it on Monday and couldnt do 99% of the stuff cuz my back hurt), or carrying around my 20lb baby (ok, she is only 19lbs 11 ounces). I have a feeling its a combination of all three, but that running the 8K definitely did something to make me sore.

I talked to my abs class instructor, who noticed all of the pain I was having on Monday. While my core strength has improved drastically since the first class, I am still really weak in that area (having a baby will do that to ya!). She suggested that I work on "engaging my core" at all times. When I am just sitting around, when I am carrying Brooke, when I am out for a walk, eating dinner (you get the idea). When your core is not engaged, your back is taking the brunt of the punishment for whatever activity you may be enjoying. I have been working on this, and its hard! That just means that I am not doing it on a regular basis, and thus my back is really doing a lot of work all day.

Shuffle Pics
Normally I stalk the photo website to see my pics after a race. For some reason I find joy in how horrible I look during these "action shots", and it does give me a bit of an opportunity to laugh at myself. Here I am, with my friend Christina, right before the finish. You can see how beautifully my hair is flowing in the sleet, the excellent running conditions of the course, and the picturesque winter-white of the scenery we got to enjoy.

FYI: If you cannot tell, this picture is a PROOF. I stole it off the website.


Jess said...

I take the "proof" just to mean that there's photographic evidence you were there! Looks like an unpleasant day for a race!

Hope the back feels better soon.

Rookie on the Run said...

I hope your back feels better soon! Cool race picture. :)

meanjean said...

I think thats a pretty good race shot! I mean, I've had a lot worse. I cant wait until i see the shot from the 5k ill be walking this sunday. Maybe I should wear a costume. PS: Be careful with your back! You dont want to end up with a herniated disc like your sister!!

PS: Why is my "word verification" word WEIGH? Is this some kind of cruel joke?

Derek said...

I agree - I pretty good race photo.

Seeing the proof photo reminded me of when I went to look at my Chicago Marathon photos. One of them I was on my phone after the race had been canceled.

Lori ann said...

wow! i think you look fabulous! i love that your smiling. i'm guilty of doing the stalk too. a perverse pleasure. I do hope your back feels better.