April 14, 2009

It Figures

Yesterday I woke up with a stiff neck. Just add that to the list of ailments my rapidly detioriating body has. I figured it was just as well ... I already had an appointment to get my back checked out, so now I'd just do a two-for-one (back & neck).

The doctor did a lot of response-type testing, in addition to taking x-rays. Turns out, it's my neck they are worried about! My back looks fine and they think its muscular. I was told to go to physical therapy for it to work a few things out, but none of its a major concern.

The doctor basically said that my neck looks (through x-ray) like the neck of an old woman. He didnt use those exact words, but thats the gist of what he was saying. I have "forward neck", arthritis, and they want to check for possible nerve issues. So I go back for an MRI on Wednesday. In the meantime, they suggested physical therapy for that too!

If the MRI doesnt show anything, then all I need is rehab. If it does show something then we will discuss "our course of action" at my next appointment. I heard him say something about a shot (a shot in my NECK? No way dude) and stopped listening after that.

Right now I'm currently suffering through this stiff neck. It makes life in general difficult, but life with a 6-month-old almost impossible. Technically, its a good thing I have it ... because the doctor wouldnt have looked at it otherwise. Because my neck hurts so much, I havent noticed my back hurting at all in the past two days. I guess (???) thats a good thing too :)

Forward Neck
I didnt post more on this originally because I didnt want anyone to laugh at me or think I honestly look like this ... but I figured someone would ask, and Jess already did :)

Here is a depiction of "forward neck".
I swear I dont look like that (although my husband will probably tell you I do). Its actually very common, especially for people who sit at computers all day. The doctor also told me its more common in women...


RunToFinish said...

oh my word, so sorry to hear that! I ended up seeing a chiropractor who also does deep tissue work and he released the muscles in my neck (it was painful) which then fixed all my back problems.

hope you find something that works!

Jess said...

What is "forward neck"?

lifestudent said...

Jess - I figured someone would ask. I updated my post ;)

Rookie on the Run said...

My chiropractor told me I have a forward neck, also. Darn computer! Now I see him a couple times a month and it feels so much better!

I hope it's as simple a "fix" for you!

LMAO over that cartoon drawing of forward neck!