March 9, 2009

Week 6

Its Hal Higdon's 6th week of my 8-week training and the most I have run is 3 miles. Whoops.

Monday: stretching & strengthening
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 40 minutes cross training
Thursday: 2 miles and stretching & strengthening
Friday: rest
Saturday: 50 minutes cross training
Sunday: 4 miles

Thank goodness for my ab class. Not only is there strengthening involved, but we work at a rapid and continual pace (I'd consider it cross training too). I'm not sure I can do 4 by Sunday, but I bet I can do 3.5. Thats not too far off the schedule despite the setbacks I have had.

Speaking of setbacks, I'm having some knee issues. I had knee issues during training last time, but this is different. They both hurt, they are cracking & popping, and particularly hurt when I go up stairs or down in a squat. I have a feeling that it might be from the pounding of foot to pavement and that perhaps I need new shoes. I bought my current shoes in October of 2007. That sounds like a really old pair of shoes, but I used them for the marathon in Dec 07 and didnt run much again after that. Still, despite the fact they dont have a lot of miles on them, I still think they might be the culprits. Unless my body is just that beat down and running has become that much more challenging for me :(

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RunToFinish said...

ohh if it hurts on stairs you might be getting runners knee. you can head it off by starting to do leg lifts and other strengthening shoes never hurt ;)