March 21, 2009

Warning: A Lot Of Complaining Ahead

Its been a while. A week exactly! Its been a long week :)

My sister was in town and put a little damper on my running. No bit deal, I rethought my schedule and figured out with a small run in the middle of the week, a 4-miler on Sat or Sunday and a 4.5 miler somewhere in the middle of next week ... I'd still be ok.

Then I got sick :(

I had a scratchy throat for a few days that has now blossomed into a full-on-cold. I've had worse and certainly dont want to make it seem worse than it is, but its not something I can go out and run with. Not its been a while since I have run, and to top it off I am exhausted!

Unfortunately, thats not the end of my complaining.

Both of my knees have been hurting. Up and down stairs mostly, but my right knee also hurts in general all of the time. I get a pulling finger on the outside of my right knee on stairs, and also am having cramping or something in it as well. I remember after really long runs I would get the same thing, and couldnt keep my knee in a locked position for a long period of time. But I havent done any long runs. In addition, I am not even running right now and my knees hurt.

There is something else weird. My ankles are really creaky and sore when I get up in the morning. When I get out of bed its actually hard to walk. It takes a bit of time until they "warm up". I have a feeling this is how my arthritic dog feels.

So, I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. I am hoping I feel amazing tomorrow so I can get a run in, but not too sure how this week is going to pan out. I have an 8K in just a week....


Natalie D said...

Geesh! You have alot going on! I hope you can get back into it soon! thanks for stopping by my blog!

Carly said...

Complain away! I think I have that cold you were describing and it is totally a whine-worthy one.