December 30, 2008

This Is Us Getting Stuff Done?

Jeff is off this whole week and the goal was to really knock out some of the things that have been lingering over our heads these past months. The list is huge and we thought if we just got a few things done life would be so much better.

Yesterdays primary goal = grocery shopping
Did it get done?
No, we decided eating out is easier than going to the grocery store.

Today's primary goal = hang sconces in guest bedroom
Did it get done?
As of 5:30 pm the only thing we have accomplished is going out to eat lunch

I did get a few little things done, primarily making calls that needed to be made, but its Tuesday and that's all thats taken place. Our Friday is pretty much gone with Wrigley's appointment out in the far burbs. Thursday is my big 5K run (and also leaving Brooke at home with Daddy, something I'm still not good at doing). Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and though we aren't doing anything, I certainly dont want to spend the last day of the year doing housework and miscellaneous chores :(

Funny how good intentions always end up going nowhere, isn't it? It's always easy to say it will get done tomorrow, but then again, after tomorrow there is always another day :) Another Complicated Task
In addition to the list of tasks we need to get done, we now need to give (our very intelligent dog) several pills, several times a day. Tonight Jeff tried to sneak one in her dinner. Here is a pic of her bowl AFTER dinner. I think you can guess what happened here.

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