December 18, 2008

No Freaking Way!

I'm not sure how widespread the Drew Peterson story is. I live in Chicago and its extremely familiar to us here, but perhaps the rest of you dont know it as well. Just in case, I'm giving a very short detail on him.

Of course, the guy has his own Wikipedia I'll give the brief from there and you can read more detail if your interested. He came into the limelight with the disappearance of his wife, Stacy Peterson on 10/28/07. In a case like this, its common to look at the spouse ... and this guy has been in the news ever since. Drew claims Stacy left him for another man - she has not been spotted since.

There are many reasons why this man is so frequently in the news. Its not just the fact that he is suspected of killing his wife. Or that he is in his 50's and she is in her 20's (he is/was a full 30 years her senior). Its not that she was his fourth wife, or that his third wife died from suspicious circumstances (recently ruled a homicide). Its not that he is a cop, or that he was recently busted with an arsenal of weapons. I think a lot of it is the guys personality. Since he has been suspected in his most recent wife's disappearance, he has done every sort of news/press conference possible. Hes been on Larry King and multiple other talk shows, given out interviews to the press, etc. The man is cocky and perhaps narcissistic. I dont think anyone doubts he had something to do with Stacy's disappearance, nor that he killed his 3rd wife. Well, perhaps one person... his new fiancee.

The guy, still married to his "missing wife", is now engaged to a 23-year-old woman. Again, younger than even his last wife, who was younger than the wife prior. And coincidentally, he was still married to his 3rd wife when he got engaged to Stacy. Oddly enough, his 3rd wife wound up dead just weeks before the divorce was to be finalized.

What 23-year-old woman would marry a 54 year old man ... let alone one with multiple divorces and homicides under his belt? I mean, is this for real?

This is supposedly the woman engaged to Drew Peterson (he is pictured on the left, she on the right),Christina Raines, but she denies its her.

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