December 19, 2008

Another Stocking Stuffer for Runners

Do you know a runner who is out there rain, sleet or shine? Perhaps one that has notoriously taken a few tumbles while going the distance in an ice-storm? Perhaps the DueNorth All Purpose Traction Aid would be a good stocking stuffer :) Acording to the site, the DueNorth All Purpose is "for all winter conditions, all footwear, all outdoor activity. Designed for people who want more stability and confidence on ice and snow. The All Purpose is ideal for anyone who walks, runs or works outdoors, no matter what age. Increased traction helps to prevent slips and falls on snow and ice, reducing the risk of pulled muscles, fractures and back problems caused by quick slips or falls."

The Midwest has been getting hammered with icy weather for the past 2 weeks. I cant even take Brooke out in her stroller because we are both slipping and sliding all over the place ... I couldnt imagine if I was trying to run in the stuff. And I'm considering a 5K on New Years Day - what if the ground is covered in ice? Im not even sure my body can handle a 5K run in perfect, sunny weather - what about your typical Chicago winter day?

Anyone ever use a product like this? I can see the logic for walking or hiking, but can you (maybe more importantly, SHOULD you) run in them?

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