December 23, 2008

Christmas Panic

Ok, I'm panicking. I've mentioned that I have been house-bound due to the weather. I keep thinking I'll get out "tomorrow"...and now tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I have about 2/3 of my shopping done. There are several people (and pets) on my list who might not be getting presents unless there is some sort of Christmas miracle. It continues to snow - the roads are horrible and there is no way I can take Brooke out there. So I'm totally stumped as to what to do.

Wrigley thinks this is the best time of her life. She already got what she asked Santa for - SNOW! I can't keep her in the house, she just wants to sit out there and gloat. She seems to be laughing at the fact that the same stuff that keeps me in the house is the very same stuff that keeps her out!

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