August 25, 2008

Oh Olympics, What Will I Do Without You?

I never really have been that into the Olympics. I watch them like everyone else, but haven't put too much time or effort into following them in the past. This time around, things were different. I watched everything that was on - including the Trampoline competition! I believe the primary reason for this is that I am pretty immobile lately and summer TV stinks - so the only option was the Olympics!

There were some pretty stellar people highlighted over the duration of the Olympics, and in addition to the track/field events I was engrossed by the swimming (who wasnt), gymnastics and volleyball. Now its over and I am not sure I will make it the 44 days (yeah, thats it) until my due-date. The official closing ceremonies were aired last night and I couldnt really watch them. This was not out of sadness, but because I honestly thought they were odd and boring. Though by not watching I missed David Beckham, and for that I am in remorse. Anyway, the Olympics only ended a few hours ago and already I miss them. I find myself irratble and distraught and do not know what to do with myself. Guess its time to pick up another book!

Olympic Recap
RunnersWorld has a great page dedicated to Track & Field news, including profiles, results and some great stories.

The official site of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has it all: athlete stories, medal standings and some great images.

And check out ESPN for recaps, results, headlines, and a lot of interesting opinions.

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