August 27, 2008

I Love You Starbucks

I know I talk about Starbucks pretty often, and that probably makes me both a yuppie and a pregnant lady who consumes too much caffeine ... but I just cant help myself. I love their coffee and I love their cookies, and every once-in-a-while I like to hang out there and just read a book. To top it off, now that they have AT&T as their wifi provider (and I am an at-home AT&T subscriber) I get free wifi on both my laptop and now my new iPhone. Now, just to add to the love, recent report suggest that Starbucks is creating a healthier breakfast menu!

Starting Sept 3 (next wed) we should see: "Perfect Oatmeal" (served in a cardboard bowl, with dried fruit), energy bars (with oats and honey), whole-grain muffins and a "Power Protein Plate" that includes a hard-cooked egg, a cheese wedge, a few pieces of fruit and a pack of peanut butter. Everything on this new menu is 330 calories or less.

As long as they dont take my beloved cookies off the menu, I believe this is great news!

1 comment:

labcabbie said...

And as long as the don't get rid of their fabulous Eggs Florentine breakfast sandwich!!! Who cares if it's enough fat and calories for the week - it's SO DELICIOUS!